How To Create A Free Blog On & Make Money Online With Google Adsense

In this article, we are going to see step through step technique of growing a free blog on Blogspot or and how to earn money with your blog.

Blog is essentially a website that is in many instances updated by means of a character or a group of individuals
Blogging is one of the best approaches to make cash online. / is a free blog carrier supplied by means of Google. It is one of the most used running a blog platform around the Internet.

There are many different suitable choices like WordPress, Tumblr etc. But I suggest blogger for all the rookies on account that blogger is free and handy to start. You don’t need to be a techie to deal with Blogspot.

I promise you that you can also not be able to earn this a lot of quantity of money without problems (yet it is viable if you work hard) due to the fact the people listed above have spent years of hard work to get to where they are now. But I guarantee you that you can earn a first-rate profits to run your lifestyles through blogging. All you need is PATIENCE.

Let us go on to the step by using step process.

1. Choose Your Blog Topic, Tech, Health, or Politics, ETC

The Topic is the essential factor for blogging. You can select any topic you prefer but make sure you are willing to explore that topic. Just ask yourself two questions after selecting a topic.

Am I passionate about that topic?
Does this Topic have an accurate number of the audience?

If you have valid solutions then you are prepared to go to the subsequent step. You can take your own time to decide for the reason that this is the most necessary step of all.

2. Choose Your Blog Name

Blog name should give an explanation for what your blog is all about and it ought to be effortless to remember. The essential issue is that it should be unique like email username. i.e. That will be the URL for your blog. Initially, it will be a subdomain of Later you can buy and set up your very own customized domain i.e. Make sure your blog title is unique so that getting a customized domain won’t be a problem.
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Suggestion For Custom Domain

I, in my opinion, suggest you purchase a custom area for your weblog however it is definitely elective in view that we are discussing zero funding plan. In Blogspot, you will get hold of a subdomain i.e. that is owned by way of google and you can't switch your blog to somewhere however when you buy a customized area i.e. it can be converted to other systems like WordPress easily and additionally you won’t lose your existing visitors. Anyway, you have to buy custom area as soon as you start incomes from your blog.

Don’t set up your custom domain beforehand in blogger even if you buy a domain, at least wait for few months before adding the customized area to your blog due to search engine optimisation reasons. You would possibly be questioning why I will explain this in the website positioning area as follows.

3. Create your free weblog in Blogspot /

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Follow this step by step tutorial to create your very own blog in and make your first weblog post.
Go to / and sign in the use of your Google account

Enter your weblog title and Blogspot URL

The blog title is your blog title that will show up in the header of your weblog and URL is a subdomain of, have to be in small letters except for space. You can choose any template listed below the title and URL field. For example, your blog title is Basic Health Tips then the title and URL ought to be Basic Health Tips and newbasichealthtips.blogspot.In respectively.

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Creating your first post

Once you are executed with step 2 you will get redirected to blogger dashboard. You ought to choose a New put up to write your first blogspot blog post.

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Fill Post Title, Article Body, Format, and style your weblog post

The submit title is very vital it carries more weight than any different text in a page in terms of SEO (search engine optimization). I will provide an explanation for about search engine marketing in my upcoming articles. So please strive to consist of all the essential keywords that users might search.
Write your first article in the content material region and make use of the formatting picks placed simply above the content material area.

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Publish the weblog post

Click the publish button placed parallel to the title textual content box. So you have a created your very own internet site and posted your first article. View your blogspot and its post by using getting into your blogspot URL ( – created in step 2) in the Address bar.


4. Driving Traffic To Your Blog

This is the most important part of every blogger’s journey. Your mission is not executed till you force human beings to see your blog, for that excellent content, isn’t enough.

How you drive human beings to your blog?

1. Social Media

Facebook & Twitter performs a principal function when it comes to social media. So you have to create your company pages on Facebook & Twitter. Invite all your household and pals to like and comply with your page. Keep your web page interactive through posting lot of user-engaging content material that can be photo, video or messages as a substitute of simply posting links to your article.

2. Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization is a method used to optimize our internet site to get higher rankings in Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. This is the place every and each blogger struggles.

Let me tell you a simple overview of how the search engine ranks websites.
Search engine ranks internet pages based totally on two factors
1) Reputation
2) Relevance
Both of these factors are important. I feel relevance don’t remember a lot when your website doesn't have any reputation. e. new domain don’t have any reputation.


How search engine discover out whether or not a web page is official or not? There are many things worried in discovering a recognition of a website. Page rank is the most necessary component used to find out the popularity and it is calculated primarily based on one-way links to your blog. Simply popularity is measured by using calculating how many websites talk about your internet site through linking your blogspot URL.


Relevance is essentially finding out  whether your  website is applicable to the user searched query. Let us say a user searches “top blogging  tips”,  here relevance  signal analyses whether your internet site has ample content material related to running blog tips. However, recognition occupies the first area and then comes relevance signal.

Blogspot Domain reputation

has stated until now that to hold your weblog in the subdomain of, it is because has brought outstanding area authority (reputation in search engines) so there are higher probabilities for your blogspot to get greater rankings in Google besides an awful lot effort. If you can concentrate more on developing high-quality content material then it is easy to get high rank in Google. Trust me, you can effortlessly rank for excessive keywords if you follow this trick. I have examined it personally. Didn’t accept as true with me?

See the photograph positioned above. The 2nd end result is a blogspot blog that is ranking for a high competitive key-word“Facebook page hack” out of 46300k results. I do not find any sturdy backlinks pointing to the web page when I seem at the back-link profile of the unique blog, then how come this blogspot web page is ranking for a high keyword?

It is because of the high area recognition of and that is why it is ranking even though that precise Blogspot submit didn’t get any backlinks. Of course, this is no longer the only reason, there are other factors too but what am attempting to say is that getting the higher rating isn’t difficult with while evaluating to a manufacturer new domain.
Be aware of the copyrighted and unlawful content, the blogger will suspend your account if they see you involved in a violation of their terms and conditions.
After few months you can set up a customized domain to to (301 redirects). This method will transfer all the SEO benefits (page rank, area authority) of your historical domain to new domain. So you might also not lose your site visitors and search engine rankings.


Referral customers are customers that come from other websites to your blog. You can ask your family and pals who have their personal blog to link to your blogspot that would possibly pressure some traffic.

Let us move on to the final step monetizing with Adsense
Also, study independent semrush overview – A magical device to beat your opponents in Google 

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5. Monetizing Your Blog

Monetizing your Blogspot weblog can be finished by means of inserting advertisements both from the 1/3 party or from ad publishers. You will get paid accordingly. There are many advert publishers program. Google Adsense is the nice way to monetize your Blogspot however to do this you have to have an accreditedAdsense account. Getting your Adsense account permitted the use of your Blogspot blog is fairly handy when comparing approval via other websites. Your blog should be 6 months historic to observe for an Adsense account. So you need to make use of this 6 month period to enhance your weblog to some extent and then you can observe for Adsense.
Click Earnings tab in your Blogspot / blogger dashboard to sign up. Fill up the structure and publish it. The approval procedure can also take up to a week.
You will be in a position to see a choice to display ads in the revenue tab of blogger dashboard once you get an authorized Adsense account. Switch it to on to display commercials on your blog. Whenever a consumer clicks on an advert on your blog you 'll get money. Please study their terms and prerequisites properly. If you click on your personal ad you may get banned and your revenue will be lower back to the advertiser. You can login to your Adsense dashboard to check Adsense earning. You will get paid in your bank account once you attain the payment threshold of $100 USD.

I hope this article is beneficial for all those who choose to make money online. Please share your feedback and comments.


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